PopCrush recently spoke to mommy-to-be Dev, and we got the inside scoop on some baby news! The 'In the Dark' singer opened up to us about expecting her baby girl on Christmas Eve, what excited her most about motherhood, and how she thinks being a mother is going to change her "for the better."

Dev and her fiancee are expecting their baby girl, who they are going to name Emelia, on Dec. 24, just in time for Christmas! "I'm so excited. It's so bizarre but so cool," Dev says of her due date. "It's gonna be a little Christmas baby. I'll definitely be in the hospital for Christmas. It will be interesting."

Dev also dished about what excites her most about motherhood. "I've been trying to take it day by day. Me and my fiancee are just really excited to start a family," the songstress tells us. "I just can't wait to see her. That's just kinda what's keeping me going -- the first time I get to hear to her cry. I can't wait to teach her everything, and I can't wait until I can paint her nails and I can't wait till she reads and talks. I'm really excited. I'm looking forward to it so much."

The California native, who grew up in the central area of the Golden State, is also planning to raise baby Emelia in Los Angeles with her fiancee. "We both have been in downtown L.A. for a few years, so we decided to stay here," Dev explains. "It will be interesting. I grew up in the suburbs, so raising a baby in downtown will be different. I'm looking forward to it. We're moving into a new loft space and we have her crib and everything set up."

In addition to sharing the locale of where she and her fiancee will raise Emelia, Dev also told us that motherhood has been a blessing for her. The Cataracs collaborator is confident that motherhood is going to change her, but she knows it will only be for the better. She says, "I think [motherhood will change me] for the better. I think it already has. I approach things so much differently, with everything -- work and outside of work. I think I appreciate a lot more now. She's already made me such a better person and I haven't even met her yet. I think it will change me and make me mature, but it will all be for the better."

We are so happy for, Dev, who is absolutely ecstatic about becoming a mom. Although we're sure her fans will miss her, they have no need to worry! Dev will be releasing plenty of music-related stuff before and after she gives birth, including her album 'The Night the Sun Came Up,' which drops on Nov. 1.