Dev has been on a video spree lately. Last month she released a clip for 'In My Trunk,' (we see what she did there!), followed by 'Take Her From You' a mere two weeks later. Now she's graced us with another video, this time for her collaboration with Fabolous, 'Kiss My Lips.'

We're only treated to Dev from the neck up in this video -- sorry, boys! Her glowing face sings in front of a multicolored lip printed background. Like many of Dev's songs and videos, this one is rife with obvious double entendres -- but they're forgiven when you see the amazing makeup artistry at work to bring them to life.

The metaphors may be transparent (bananas and lollipops juxtapositioned next to yellow and rainbow lips, respectively), but they're pretty awesome to look at. Check out one girl's blue lips coated with round sprinkles! For a minute we thought we may have been watching a Kesha clip!

The new mom rocks her signature short 'do and glittery gold lip gloss in the video, leaving the truly outrageous looks to the models occupying the space. Fabolous dons aviators and a sharp suit, as well as some female company of his own. In terms of visuals alone, this is a video worth puckering up to.

Watch the Dev 'Kiss My Lips' Video Feat. Fabolous