Dev is dancing 'In the Dark' on a new version of her latest single featuring Kanye West.

Borrowing the synth progression from Reel 2 Real's 1994 hit 'I Like to Move It,' the song mixes sexy horns with the 21-year-old singer's flirtatious come-ons, like, "Work on me, open my body up and do some surgery."

She wants to go dancing, not in the club but in the bedroom:

"Tell me, baby, if it's wrong to let my hands do what they want / Late at night I pretend we are dancing in the dark."

While some guest rappers occasionally phone it in, Kanye really nails his cameo, offering rhymes as good as the ones on his own album:

"Flashing lights, the stress of life / Way too much to handle in one night / Live this life like there's no tomorrow / Wake up in Paris with a Russian model / Throw your hands in the sky if anybody got five dollars in they pocket right now / I call this club Titanic - why? Cause it's goin' down."

'In the Dark' is likely to appear on Dev's first album, which still has no confirmed release date. She's been recording the record with the Cataracs, with whom she scored the No. 1 hit 'Like a G6.'

Listen to Dev's 'In the Dark' Feat. Kanye West