Dev wasn't kidding when she released her 'Lightspeed' video. It captures the rap-pop princess's jet setting lifestyle on a recent tour around the globe.

The video shows Dev, her bandmates and her fiancee traipsing across the world, and the experience seems surreal for the star. "We just went all the way across [the world] and sang 'Booty Bounce,'" she laughed incredulously.

The video shows tour stops and behind-the-scenes goings on in Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Beirut and London, where you can see the usually made up Dev with a naked face. Spoiler alert: She's still hot!

Early in the video, you can catch a glimpse of the 'In the Dark' singer's baby bump.

Other highlights include a meeting with T-Pain and lamenting Dev's overpacking habit. "S---, I always travel with like, 20 bags, but it ain't no thing," she revealed.

The frenetic pace and somewhat choppy, dizzying camera work can be a bit much to take at first, but that's the point. Dev's star is rising at 'Lightspeed,' and it's up to the rest of us to keep up with her.

Watch the Dev 'Lightspeed' Video