Dev and Enrique Iglesias feel 'Naked' on the Joe Maz remix of their new collaboration. From the outset, it's clear this is not a song to listen to while sitting around engaging in quiet reflection. 'Naked' is made for one thing only, and that's dancing.

The singers find themselves in some sort of 'Footloose'-style environment where personal expression through dance is just not accepted, but they fight back. They sing, "I don't care what they say, it's our life, life, life / We can dance if we want, make it feel alright / Temperature's rising, I feel the fire / Tonight, it's just me and you / Tonight it's just me and you."

"Everytime I'm with you, I feel naked," Iglesias continues. Even though Enrique might be speaking metaphorically, the song builds on the sexual innuendo of the lyric, as the pace and intensity pick up every time the line is delivered.

Some of the techno elements in 'Naked' feel dated, but there's no denying this is a song that will make listeners want to get up and dance around the room, if not head out to the nearest club. It remains to be seen if the track will appear on Dev's debut 'The Night the Sun Came Up,' which has been pushed back to 2012 as she prepares to deliver her first child over the Christmas holiday.

Listen to Dev's 'Naked' Feat. Enrique Iglesias (Joe Maz Remix)