Dev's honeyed, cavity-causing voice snakes and slithers around Enrique Iglesias' on their sultry duet, 'Naked.' If it was Dev's and 'Rique's intention to get people hot and bothered by their song, starting things off on the dance floor and finishing them in the bedroom, then mission accomplished.

The song will have your blood surging through your veins and to to your nether regions. It's a Eurodance-inspired club banger, with thumping backbeats and synths, but the heat generated by the new mom and the Latin pop star? That's as authentic as it gets.

When Dev and Enrique simultaneously coo, "So I don't care what they say it's our life, life, life / We can dance if we want make it feel alright / Temperature's rising I feel on fire / Tonight it's just me and you," we broke out into a sweat, too.

Even though the song is sexed up, it's not offensive. You could be trying on new skinny jeans in the dressing room of Abercrombie & Fitch or Hollister and this could be blasting in the store without offending moms and dads that have dragged their toddlers off to the mall. It's an upbeat, uptempo rump-shaker.

Listen to Dev, 'Naked' Feat. Enrique Iglesias