Dev has pushed her debut album 'The Night the Sun Came Up' back… again. The album was initially due in September, but was then moved to Nov. 1. That date has now been switched out to Jan. 10, 2012. Let's hope this is the final date. The album, which you can read all about thanks to our exclusive chat with Dev, is not the only that's "due." The singer is pregnant with her first child -- it's a girl!

Dev told ArjanWrites that the album's push back was a collective decision between her and her handlers. She said, "I recently met with the team and we decided that January 10 is going to be the official release date for the album. It was a little hard to change it and I didn't want any of my fans to be upset but I knew that letting 'In the Dark' grow a little bit would be a positive thing for the album and I knew that being able to add more records would be good for the fans as well -- especially because I can't really perform right now given that I'm seven-and-a-half months pregnant."

She has mixed emotions, but knows that moving the album is the right thing to do. She finished, "So it is kind of bittersweet. Even though [the fans] have to wait a few more months hopefully the outcome will be amazing."

Dev admitted that both her condition and the desire to populate the album with more songs were equal reasons for delaying the album. She said, 'Letting "In the Dark' mature and add a few more records is the most important reason for pushing it back, but personally, that was another big reason. Dropping [the album] in September or November wouldn't have allowed me to play any shows for almost a year you know because I have to finish the pregnancy and then have the baby."

Once the baby comes, Dev will the be able to split her energies on both her babies: the real one and her album. She concluded, "So now I'm going to have a little bit more time, which is only going to be good I think and it means a lot to me because I would like to be able to perform and give good shows for the album because I think it deserves that."