She might be somewhat of a household name now (if you live in a pretty hip household, that is), but Dev wasn't always known for her sexy voice and edgy style -- and she more than remembers where she came from. She gives a verbal and visual flip of the proverbial bird to the haters in her new track and video for 'Me,' while warmly reflecting on her humble beginnings.

The video opens with the heavily eyeliner-ed singer strolling through an idyllic forest, explaining in song how the same record labels who once lamented that they didn't know how to market her now are pretty much blowing up her phone. She frolics in a field of sunflowers and sings her way through a cityscape, and in between we're treated to adorable clips of her with her parents (her mom could easily pass for her sister).

We see Dev globetrotting, similarly to her 'Lightspeed' video, as well as interacting with fans. She showcases her hometown and in a particularly telling scene, a Los Angeles newspaper is split with a Manteca, Calif. newspaper underneath a coffee cup.

The song itself isn't what one would normally expect from the sexpot siren -- it lacks the beats from her pals the Cataracs that have become almost as much her trademark as their own -- and vocally her performance isn't its best and appears to really stretch her range. However, the clip is a really cute, fun one to watch and sheds a lot of light on the girl behind the tats and door-knocker earrings.