'Booty Bounce' and 'Bass Down Low' singer Dev -- Devin Star Tailes on all legal documents -- is a viral web celeb who will release her debut full length, 'The Night the Sun Came Up,' on Sept. 20. The album's first single is 'Dancing in the Dark,' which recently got remix treatment featuring Kanye West.

She may like her beats fat and her bass down low, but she shows off a softer side with 'Dancing in the Dark,' thanks to her icy, Skylar Grey-style vocals. If Dev's name is unfamiliar to you, her voice isn't, as she lends her feathery vocals to Far East Movement's smash hit, 'Like a G6.'

The Nor Cal-born Dev, 21, is a product of the digital age. At 19, she recorded a dis about an ex over an Amy Winehouse instrumental and was discovered by hip-hop duo Cataracs, which lead to her spending weekends recording with them. She split for Los Angeles to record with the Cataracs full-time. The result of that effort was 'Like a G6' and her viral hits, 'Booty Bounce' and 'Bass Down Low.'

For 'The Night the Sun Came Up,' Dev reveals that her goals are simple and assured, saying "I'm 21 years old, and I haven't been doing this that long. I have cute little stories to tell, and that's what I got to do."

Watch the Dev 'Bass Down Low' Video Feat. the Cataracs