Dev and Timbaland team up on a new song called 'Don't Hurt It,' an unreleased track that could appear on her next album 'The Night the Sun Came Up.'

The song features familiar-sounding synth bloops that might have some listeners thinking they're listening to 'Like a G6' again. It's not entirely clear what Dev is rapping about, but she oozes swagger as she rhymes, "Let's find a cliff we can jump off / You afraid of heights? / Let me know, we can take that flight." She repeats the hook, "You like the way I work it, work it / Push up on it but don't hurt it."

The Cataracs produced 'Don't Hurt It,' but they may have collaborated with Timbaland during the writing process, as the song's military-style snare drum beat sounds like something the rapper would come up with. Timbaland delivers a sexually-charged verse in which he raps, "Timbo in your backyard / Got the girls for you, got the alcohol / And I party, party real hard / Love when they start taking their sh-- off." He teases, "Where you buy your hips at? / I know you didn't come built like that."

We'll find out if 'Don't Hurt It' makes the cut for 'The Night the Sun Came Up' when the album drops in March.

Listen to Dev's 'Don't Hurt It' Feat. Timbaland