After scoring a sleeper hit with the Dragonette collaboration 'Hello,' French DJ/producer Martin Solveig is teaming up with 'In the Dark' singer Dev on 'We Came to Smash.'

The song features the same bounce found in 'Hello' but adds in guitars and hard-hitting synth effects, including a few that sound like they were borrowed from 'Like a G6,' the Far East Movement song that introduced Dev to the world.

There's not much of a lyrical message in the song; the chorus just repeats its nonsensical title over and over, with the pregnant singer's voice is cut and looped during the hilariously basic hook, "We came to smash, smash / We came to smash / We came to smash, smash / We came to smash / Smash, smash / In a black tuxedo."

The simplicity is fine, because 'We Came to Smash' is all about dancing and partying. And, thankfully, it sounds different than most electropop songs that we're hearing these days. The song is not currently on the tracklisting for Dev's album 'The Night the Sun Came Up,' which is scheduled for a January 2012 release. It has already been released on Solveig's album 'Smash.'

Listen to Dev, 'We Came to Smash' Feat. Martin Solveig