Devin Velez is only 18, but man can this kid sing!

On tonight's (Feb. 21) sudden death episode of 'American Idol,' where 10 males battled for five spots, he belted out a bilingual version of Beyonce's 'Listen,' singing it mostly in English but delivering some of the mid-section in Spanish. It was an unexpected, surprising and terrific twist, since it opens him up to a whole new world of listeners and fans, thereby upping his marketability.

He had moments all throughout the song, hitting notes, remaining in key and mastering the runs and fills, to use reality singing competition show judge-speak.

There was a real warmth in Velez's voice, and he managed to project that from the moment he opened his mouth until he final vocal note faded.

It was a wow performance in that he was knocking notes down like it was his job -- oh wait, it is. He also directly connected with another sector of the 'Idol' audience and of music fans by choosing to sing in Spanish.

Did we mention that he's only 18 and a coffeehouse barista? Leave the gallons of milk, coffee beans and flavored syrups behind. He's ready to ditch the apron for a microphone.