Devon Talley had the 'X Factor' audition that kept going ... and going ... and going ... and, you get the idea. The retail worker from New York chose to sing 'Seasons of Love' from the wildly famous Broadway musical 'Rent.' Now if only he could have rented someone better to sing for him, Milli Vanilli-style. Or for you younger fans, Ashlee Simpson-style.

Just as the song says, it seems as though Talley's audition lasted for about 525,600 minutes, give or take. And that's equal to about a year. (In case you missed it while he was singing ... which we're sure you didn't.) We're just wondering why the judges let him go on for that long.

As the song says, "525,600 minutes / How do you measure, measure a year?" And as Talley finished up, Simon Cowell slyly remarked, "I know how to measure it now." And Nicole Scherzinger told Talley she loved that Talley brought the audience together, but his version didn't convince her.

Unfortunately for Talley, he was not granted the opportunity to move on, but he did receive a compliment of sorts from Paula Abdul, who said, "I appreciate you. You've got a great spirit about you. That’s what great performers have, but you’re not there yet."

C'est la vie, Devon! You'll have 525,600 minutes to practice before next year's auditions roll around.

Watch Devon Talley's 'X Factor' Audition