We were worried about Dexter Haygood's personal fate (and his emotional state) after Nicole Scherzinger eliminated him from her team on 'X Factor' on Tuesday night. Since the James Brown-influenced singer is living out of his car and has nowhere else to go, there was cause for alarm. Uh, yeah, talk about pressure on his mentor, too. However, we're happy to report that Haygood has resurrected his '80s band Xavion in light of his 'X Factor' appearances. Talk about a silver lining. 

Xavion were a precursor to Living Color and were the first all-black rock group to appear on MTV -- so Dexter and his bandmates were trendsetters and ground-breakers. They even toured with Hall & Oates, which is really saying something!

After Xavion split, the members lost touch with Haygood, and had no idea he battled demons like substance abuse and ended up homeless.

reports that most of the band members reached out to Haygood upon seeing him on 'X Factor' and they are hoping to reunite for some shows or to perform on 'X Factor.' Haygood has something to look forward to!

"I'm really excited to work with my old band," Haygood told TMZ. "I'm more than hopeful that 'The X Factor' will invite us to perform on the finale." Here's to hoping!

Dexter Haygood may have gotten the boot and may not have won the show's $5 million prize, but he was rewarded in a whole other way! We look forward to seeing how far this Xavion reunion goes for Haygood, who certainly has the "Dex" factor!

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