'The Voice' runner-up Dia Frampton has released a single version of 'Inventing Shadows,' the original song she performed on the show's final performance episode.

Frampton may seem like a cute, fresh face, but she's actually a seasoned veteran with a wealth of experience in the pop music world.

As a member of Meg & Dia, she released a handful of albums, including one major-label effort, and she's collaborated with Tom Higgenson of Plain White Ts and Stacy Jones of American Hi-Fi and toured with Angels & Airwaves.

Her experience shows. The lyrics are polished and not at all the babble you might expect from a performer just stepping into the spotlight. The song opens with Frampton attacking a detached lover:

"It's not surprising it could end like this / Your eyes are open even when you kiss / You’re so distant, so cold, so resistant / You see the world in only gray and black / Now how can anybody live like that / Without screaming, without dying for dreaming?"

The line about dying for dreaming has to make anyone smile, since that's exactly what Frampton did by appearing on the show. It's almost like her nod to 'A Moment Like This,' the triumphant Season 1 'American Idol' theme song about chasing dreams and reaching goals.

A pleasant piano and acoustic guitar melody carries the song through to the chorus, where Frampton sings, "You keep on inventing shadows where there are none / You don’t even see the sun, can’t you see the sun."

That yodel-like vocal tic in the chorus is definitely a love-it or hate-it moment, and we're betting it won't take many repeated listens for that hiccup to become annoying.

That aside, it's easy to see how the song quickly advanced to No. 1 on iTunes. It's a solid first solo release from a performer who's likely to stick around for a while.

Listen to Dia Frampton, 'Inventing Shadows'