Dia Frampton's mannerisms and posturing may appear quiet, delicate and shy, but make no mistake. She's a unique dynamo when she steps on the stage and behind the microphone. On tonight's elimination episode of 'The Voice,' Frampton strapped on a guitar and won the coaches and the crowd over with her rendition of R.E.M.'s maudlin 'Losing My Religion.'

Frampton wowed us when she turned Kanye West's 'Heartless' into an emotional ode and tonight, she revisited that same place of heartfelt singing. Her voice is a mix of smoky soul, a little bit of vibrato and dreamy pop; those are three styles that few people can pull off simultaneously, but Frampton makes it look (and sound) easy.

Frampton was inventive with the song, asking the background singers to add handclaps to their parts and it was that creative license that made her version of one of R.E.M's most notable songs her very own. Her coach Blake Shelton even joked that he is worried that Frampton will release a song and blow his songs off the charts because she is that good. He gave her a standing ovation, while Christina Aguilera said she showed the most growth of all the singers.

Shelton praised Frampton for her ability to perform from a place deep within. "That's what this show is about," Shelton proclaimed. "A girl stood out here on this stage an performed and left her heart and soul on the stage. That's what you're supposed to do and you do it every time."

We feel like Dia Frampton breaks off a little piece of what's inside her every time she sings. That's real and that's why she may very well win 'The Voice.'

Watch Dia Frampton Perform 'Losing My Religion' on 'The Voice'