In an interview with TV Line, 'The Voice' runner up Dia Frampton took time to shoot down some glaring misconceptions about her. For one, she's not painfully shy. Second, her major label past has come and gone -- it's in the rear-view and it did not give her an advantage over her fellow competitors. Third, she doesn't know who Kris Allen of 'American Idol' is, even though he also revamped Kanye West's 'Heartless' on his show. Fourth, her favorite moment on the voice was her duet with Miranda Lambert.

About her Meg + Dia project with her sister: Frampton did not have any unfair advantage. In fact, she says has had to scratch and claw just as hard as her peers. "Meg + Dia, we had our peak moment three or four years ago, and I think that's why some people were like, 'Why are you even on this show?' But that was a long time ago. We first got signed to Doghouse Records when I was 18. We toured in a 12-passenger van, slept in parking lots, did that whole thing. [Laughs] And then we got signed to a major label with Warner/Sire, and that's when I thought, 'Oh my gosh, things are happening.'

She continues, "We made a record with an amazing producer and then it didn't go anywhere. Our record came and went, we ended up getting dropped and ever since then it's been a really hard ride. We recorded a lot of our latest record, 'Cocoon,' in my mom's house because we couldn't afford studio time."

On almost running away during the blind auditions of 'The Voice': The pressure almost got to Frampton, who went into the auditions with some crippling thoughts. "I had my pre-conceived thoughts, and I was having a really hard time with it. I almost ran away right before they pushed me on stage," she admits.

On covering 'Heartless,' which 'American Idol' contestant Kris Allen in Season 8: No copycats here, as Frampton hasn't watch the FOX show since its inaugural season. "Honestly, I still don't know who Kris Allen is. I first started playing 'Heartless' on the acoustic guitar, and Blake was the one who wanted to switch it up. I was happy to do it, to get a little creative … I wanted to slow down a hip-hop or R&B song, and 'Heartless' was the best choice because of its lyrics; you can play with them. They're still so emotional. It's not like slowing down a Snoop Dogg song or something."

She adds, "The thing is, 'Heartless' had to be changed. I don't rap, obviously, and it was so not my style, the Kanye West way."

On her overblown shyness: We're not gonna lie. Frampton looked painfully shy on many occasions during the season. It's not how she truly is, though -- it's just a manifestation of being thrust into a glaring spotlight. "I'm not a really, really shy person," Frampton says. "I think they made me out to be painfully shy on the show. But being on the show was a really new, extremely uncomfortable environment for me, where I never felt I had a confirmed space. I was always trying to prove myself. Don't forget, I don't think I've played without my sister Meg for almost a decade … Performing in front of Christina Aguilera — it's not a place where I feel like I'm gonna completely burst out of my shell. A lot of different factors made me closed-in as I was."

On singing with coach Blake Shelton: Yes, he does make wisecracks all the time! Frampton spills, "Singing with Blake is always fun; right before you go on he says something funny and ridiculous."

On singing with Shelton's wife, Miranda Lambert: This was the highlight of the season for the young singer, who says, "She was completely the opposite of what you'd expect [from a big star]. I was expecting her to say 'Let's do this. And I want to wear this. And I want to sing it this way."

"Instead, she was like, 'What color dress are you wearing? I want to match you. What song do you want to do? I think this one might be cool for your voice but if you want to do something else, that's cool. I'll send you some songs — if you want to change the arrangement, I won't be offended, I'll be excited. Do it your way.' She was so awesome. No ego. She was so gracious about it. Singing with her was my favorite thing on the entire show. Next to Blake's duet, it was something that I was trying really hard not to cry the whole time I was singing with her."

Aww, Dia you're too sweet!

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