U.K. sensation Diana Vickers, who made a splash on the U.K. edition of 'X Factor' in 2008, is looking to make her way in the U.S., and PopCrush has teamed up with the singer to introduce her via this lovely and intimate acoustic video for 'Cinderella.'

The video is simple and spare, featuring Vickers, looking stunning in a pink sweatshirt and cut-off shorts, singing in a wood-panelled room, which feels like an attic with a skylight, accompanied only by her guitarist. The setting is both vintage and classic, while Vickers herself is a breath of fresh, youthful air. The pairing of visual opposites works.

The camera is magnetically drawn to Vickers and it captures her from all angles – front, side and center -- as she soars through the song.

After stepping away from the pop music scene for a minute, Vickers, 21, is back with a new record deal with London indie label SO Recordings. 'Cinderella' is her latest single, a feel good pop track that was co-written by Vickers, Miranda Cooper, Simen Eriksrud and Simone Eriksrud.

About the song, Vickers revealed that her writing partners were like her songwriting GPS. She said, "'Cinderella' was one of the songs to come out of my first sessions with Miranda in Oslo. I ended up making the album that I consider to be a body of work that shows the real me. The past two years have been incredibly important for me giving me the time and space to develop and work with writers. It was my partnership with Miranda that really helped me find and shape my sound."

Vickers' second album 'Music to Make Boys Cry,' a title we absolutely lurve, is due this fall.

She has spent time on the road with Olly Murs, another 'X Factor' alum, and plans to tour again to support her new album.