'Glee' star Dianna Agron has landed the September cover of the female bible known as Cosmopolitan. That's a big deal addition to a celeb's magazine resume and Agron answers the call by looking absolutely breathtaking. It is, however, a stark contrast to her recent vampy, red lipsticked turn in Flaunt Magazine.

The blond star shows off the bob-heard-around-the-teenage-world, too. Agron stunned Gleeks when she lobbed off her lush locks and fashioned her hair into a shaggy bob, which only serves to further accentuate her gorgeous features. Some girls have all the luck.

Wearing a simple, sleeveless white sheath, a gold necklace and a  statement white and gold cuff, Agron's cover is a head-turner and doesn't ooze sexuality like so many women's magazine covers of this ilk do.

In the accompanying feature, Agron addressed a myriad of issues, ranging from troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan and how Li Lo's issues relate to Agron's own desire for personal privacy. Agron said, "It's really sad looking at people like Lindsay Lohan. She's an amazing actress, but you see what happens when people know too much about your personal life."

Agron recognizes that once you let the press and the media too far into your personal life, there is no turning back. "They start not being able to look at you the same way professionally," she said. "I don’t want that to happen to me."

The September issue of Cosmo, featuring the lovely, talented, privacy-seeking and intelligent Dianna Agron lands on stands on Aug. 16. Pick up a copy to learn more about Agron; that is, if you don't already subscribe.