Dianna Agron, aka Quinn Fabray on 'Glee,' was the guest mentor on the penultimate episode of 'The Glee Project,' with only five hopefuls remaining. The episode's theme was "actability," since 'Glee' is about singing, dancing and acting, with acting being the most important skill and talent.

Agron was selected as the mentor, since she's a triple threat who can sing, dance and act. She has had to endure quite a bit of changes as her character was recently in a car accident as a result of texting while driving. Her advice to the remaining five? "One of the most common things for people to do, is they 'are so focused on my line, so focused on my words...' You need to roll with the punches," Agron said.

For the homework assignment, the singers had to perform 'Addicted to Love,' the '80s anthem by Robert Palmer, but there was a twist, since this is the semi-finals. Agron held up cards with an emotion written on them and each singer had to display that emotion during their part.

Agron loved the Top 5, but wished Lily would have gone bigger, while she felt Blake was fun and fantastic. Uh, yeah, he's the front-runner. She loved Ali's excitement and Aylin's anxiety, ultimately calling the five remaining contestants "balls of life."

She chose Michael, who is clearly not the stronger of the final two boys, because she felt he showed determination well.

During their one-on-one sesh, the beautiful Agron told Michael to think about the backstory before entering the scene, and create that in his mind, and then parlay that information and emotion into the scene. It was really brilliant and useful advice. "Once you have that, you can access it all," she said. "You just have to trust yourself."