Lady Gaga did not attend the 2012 MTV VMAs, since she was overseas in Europe on tour. Which is not to say that she couldn't have conceivably made room in her schedule to fly back to the U.S. to attend the show and then jet back to Europe immediately following in order to resume touring. It wouldn't be unheard of, despite such breakneck pacing. She did, however, watch the broadcast on Thursday (Sept. 6) and was tweeting about things like Frank Ocean's transcendent performance. Then MTV tweeted at her and got a nasty response. WTF, right?

MTV tweeted a note of thanks to Gaga for watching the show and posting tweets, therefore giving the ceremony some extra promotion and a show of support. She was there in spirit, right? Well, Gaga's reply to MTV was rather biting. When MTV asked if they would see her next year, she tweeted a euphemism/acronym for a not-so-nice cuss word.


Below is the reply tweet from Gaga, which seems to diss MTV.

Is something rotten in the Haus of Gaga where her relationship with the network soured for some reason? We would like to think that after last year's appearance, where she opened the show as alter ego Jo Calderone, a stunt that had everyone talking, MTV would be dying to have Gaga on the show again in 2012.

Perhaps MTV wasn't down with her showing up, walking the red carpet and performing as "someone else?" Maybe Gaga turned down an invite? Who knows.

It just doesn't seem like Gaga's tweet was too jokey. Or maybe it was. It can be hard to ascertain tone over digital means. What do you think, PopCrushin' little monsters? Is there some beef brewing between Ma Monster and MTV?

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