One Direction just wrapped their Where We Are tour, and already rumors are flying that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards have tied the knot.

The hashtag #ZaynAndPerrieAreMarried has been trending worldwide all morning -- but it looks like the hashtag is more of a joke within the 1D fandom than an actual announcement. While it would kind of make sense (Zayn and Perrie have been engaged for just more than a year), 1D literally just ended their worldwide tour yesterday. So, don't worry Directioners and Mixers -- you haven't missed out on the big news yet!

Twitter user @1D5sosDdlovato claims to have started the trend, tweeting:

While some fans may have initially seen the trending topic and freaked, the fan base is pretty used to starting all kinds of crazy trends on Twitter, so this latest is just par for the fandom -- and no surprise that it's just a joke. In fact, most fans took the trending topic to be hilarious and just a sign of boredom within the group.

Oh, Directioners. What will you come up with next? Considering the band's next album 'Four' is just over a month away… we're envisioning many more wacky trends in our future.

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