When it comes to his couture, Diddy is a fan of the color white -- but he doesn't seem to feel the same way about the walls in his homes, at least judging from the way he's been buying up art lately.

The rapper/sampling enthusiast/multimedia mogul popped up this week at the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach, the star-studded celebration that the Hollywood Reporter is calling the "Western Hemisphere's largest art fair," and came away with a pair of new additions to his collection.

As always, Diddy made a splash, dropping a reported $70,000 on a piece described as a "neon work by British artist Tracey Emin which spells out in bright letters 'I Listen to the Ocean and All I Hear is You.'" No word on what else he bought, but we have a feeling Diddy (who was garbed in what the Hollywood Reporter referred to as "a questionably stylish leopard-print sweater") had no problem finding unusual new artwork.

At the main show, which attracted what one onlooker called a "celebrity collecting frenzy," attendees were treated to the sight of "an oversized lightbox depicting a cracked iPhone," as well as a Maybach floating in a hotel pool, a "jewel-encrusted mobile" and "bags, shoes and scarves done in neon camouflage."

Unsurprisingly, the event attracted a wide array of celebrities, including Will Smith, Pharrell, Owen Wilson, and the Hilton sisters. Want to be a part of it all? Book your flight to Miami now -- it'll continue through Sunday (Dec. 4).