Talk about a star-studded commercial. Time Warner Cable's 2014 Super Bowl spot is filled to the brim with A-list celebs, including Diddy, Drake, Jimmy Fallon, 'True Blood' actors Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer and many more.

The commercial kicks off with Moyer in character as a vampire -- but when he goes to find Paquin, he bursts into the studios of Time Warner Cable and Diddy promptly gives the two a tour.

On their way, they find other actors in their natural habitats, including Jimmy Fallon rehearsing a monologue, Food Network chef Anne Burrell cooking up a meal and the cast of 'Duck Dynasty,' being well, themselves -- and accidentally shooting off a giant splatter of mud.

The trio also run into Drake, where Diddy catches Paquin staring and jokes that he can read minds, too. Lastly, the group finds Jon Voight and Liev Schreiber in their respective roles from 'Ray Donovan,' the commercial ends with Schreiber asking who Diddy is. Hilarious.