Ain't no party like a Diddy pool party! On Sunday, Sept. 4, rapper/business mogul/occasional actor Diddy and his record label Bad Boy Entertainment hosted a pool party at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. In celebration of Labor Day, Diddy, Christina Milian, Flo Rida, Jeff Timmons (formerly of 98 Degrees) and plenty of other guests threw on their swim trunks (well, at least Christina did) and partied it up poolside in the Vegas sunshine.

Diddy, who was rocking a hot pink shirt and white shorts, was psyched about the party, where attendees toasted with his Ciroc brand of vodka. Before the party, Diddy shared his excitement on Twitter, writing, "I'm about to have 1 of my craziest parties EVER!!! Meet me at my pool party at the PALMS!! Doors open in 1 hour!!! Your all invited!" He comically continued, "Got my leopard G string on. And I'm headed down the pool!!!! Meet me there! No homo. Lol. See you soon ladies. Drinks on me!"

Scroll through these pictures from Diddy's Vegas pool party at the Palms and let us know what you did to celebrate Labor Day in the comment section below.