Rapper, producer and Ciroc entrepreneur Diddy took time out of his overflowing schedule to speak to New York's pop station 92.3 before his gig last week at Manhattan's Hammerstein Ballroom. Diddy chatted with host Nick Cannon, who is currently expecting twins next month with his wife Mariah Carey!

Cannon asked Diddy when he was going to run for mayor of The Big Apple, but current city head Michael Bloomberg need not worry about Diddy trying to usurp his position. Diddy simply doesn't have any political aspirations. "Nah, I'm not doing that," he says. While he doesn't want to call the shots, he still has mad love for his city of origin, saying, "I love being from New York and I love what I do."

When someone joked that Diddy should challenge Donald Trump for President, since rumors are flying that Donald is considering a bid for the Oval Office, he laughed and shot down such sentiments, saying, "I think all those jobs are hard jobs. I am not going into politics. I do want change and I do want things to change, but more from the activist point of view that I will be working in the future."

Diddy and Cannon did commiserate over something they have in common: The fact that that both maintain busy schedules that rarely allow for a full eight hours of sleep! "It's like we love life so we love what we do and don't want to miss it," Diddy mused about lacking shut eye.

Well, for Cannon, sleep is going to become that much more of a luxury he doesn't indulge in, with two babies on the way!