Diddy is one lucky guy. Much like his exciting Ciroc ad campaign, he's got everyone drinking and partying with the popular vodka brand. Now, the rap executive is planning to go south of the border for his next liquor venture.

The Diddster wants to conquer the tequila market with his own line of tequila spirits. "There isn't one particular tequila that I love and I've been spending a lot of time in Mexico," he tells E! Online. "So in the next year, you will probably see me going toe to toe with John Paul [Jones DeJoria], who owns Patrón. I'll be challenging him to who makes the best, smoothest and most authentic tequila in the world."

Along with his fashion line Sean John, his record label Bad Boy Records and film roles, Diddy's ultimate goal is to somehow be a part of your life every day. "My dream was that you would wake up in the morning, your alarm would go off, one of my records would be playing," he explains to AdWeek. "You’d get in the shower and use my shampoo. Then you would get out and use the beauty products. You’d get dressed and put on Sean John [clothing], and then you would go to work."

"After work, you would go and change into your evening wear to go out to a club or out on a date and you’d put on Sean John again, spray on another of my fragrances, stop by and have a drink of Ciroc," the rapper continues. "And then maybe take your young lady out to a movie that I was starring in."

Wow! Diddy, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Talk about an overachiever. Well, what do you expect -- it's Diddy.