Die Antwoord doesn’t like Lady Gaga very much.

And while Gaga’s often come under fire for liberally borrowing from her pop predecessors (the argument of tribute versus theft comes up quite often in reference to the pop star), the duo is totally convinced that Gaga’s jacking member Yolandi Visser’s hairstyle.

Ninja posted a photo of Gaga to Instagram yesterday (September 13) with the particularly harsh caption: "an this iz exactly why we diss this f---ktard parasite biter bitch#gagaNYfashionweek.”

It's true that Visser's signature style is bleached eyebrows and blonde hair with drastically short baby bangs, but assuming Gaga stole her look is reminiscent of the time Avril Lavigne was upset that fans started to emulate her style (specifically: wearing a tie with a tank top). Gaga changes up her appearance pretty consistently, and she's sported baby bangs before.

In any case, this feels more like the resurfacing of an old grudge, at least in Die Antwoord's case. The South African rap duo has made it abundantly clear in the past that Gaga’s invite to open for her on tour was taken as an insult, when they had a Gaga lookalike mauled to death by a lion in their music video for "Fatty Boom Boom.” That video, by the way, generated further controversy because of its blatant use of blackface.

Gaga responded to the video in a subtweet, writing, "i fink u freaky but you don't have a hit. hundred thousand tIckets sold in SA. #thatmysh---t."

Is Gaga copying Visser's style? Is this "feud" as lame as it seems? Feel free to weigh in!

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