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Zachary Cole Smith, frontman of the dreamy indie rock outfit DIIV, recently sat down with PopCrush to talk about festivals, his band's second album and a collaboration he cooked up with his girlfriend, Sky Ferreira.

Riding high on the success of their 2012 debut album 'Oshin,' DIIV have been asked to perform at tons of festivals, and Cole discussed how these atmospheres differ greatly from the small clubs his Brooklyn-based band started out in.

"Festivals are fun because it's just a completely different environment. When you play a club show, people are coming into your world... I create the mood, I create the environment, I'm filling it with my music," Cole explained. "But with a festival, it's opposite. We are bands coming into your world."

He also went on to say that attending festivals helped shape him as an artist. "I think being a young kid and going to music festivals as much as I could helped me as a musician," Cole said. "You have to have respect for the intensity of the festival experience."

The 'Wait' singer-songwriter also discussed DIIV's sophomore album, which fans are eagerly awaiting following their acclaimed serving of sounds on 'Oshin.' "The second record you can take way more liberties because people are going to be way more patient and want to here what you come up with," he explained. "The first record you kind of have to have a really clear statement of purpose, like a sound [and] catchy pop songs."

Outside of DIIV, Cole has also collaborated on a song with his girlfriend, fellow singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira. Although he cited it as one of his "favorite songs" that he's ever written, we may never get to hear this hidden gem from Cole and the 'Everything Is Embarrassing' songstress.

"Me and Sky did a song together -- I don't know if it will ever come out. It doesn't even have a name," Cole said. "But it's good, it's one of my favorite songs I've written. I had to write and record it in two days, and I think it's really cool."