MTV Iggy has selected a group of 10 finalists in its worldwide search to find the Best New Band in the world, and American DJ Diplo is excited about one of the choices - K-Pop group 2NE1.

Diplo is high on the South Korean foursome, which he expects to win the competition: "They're beautiful. They have crazy charisma, they're amazing live. It's loud, it's dancing, explosions, stuff all over the place, confetti, cannons. Their fanbase of K-Pop is so enormous that they already have a head start on all the rest of these groups. It's almost like battling a superhero in this category."

2NE1's electro hip-pop sound is not too far removed from the dance music taking over the American charts. In August, Billboard created a new K-Pop chart that featured three 2NE1 songs in the Top 25.

At first glance, Diplo's support of 2NE1 could be seen as a swipe at Skrillex, a fellow DJ who is North America's entry in the Best New Band competition. But Diplo also has kind things to say about the L.A.-based performer.

"Skrillex brings this musicality to it from his punk and emo days that nobody else has. Skrillex is the whole package with the look. He looks like a rock star, his shows are amazing, the musicality is there. He has the best production. The sound that he has is amazing."

Watch Diplo Discuss the Best New Band Finalists