Crack open those piggy banks, Directioners! One Direction fans are pooling their funds together to buy the band.

A team called the 6th Alliance set up a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $500 million dollars. An explanation on the site reads:

We are The Sixth Alliance and we are trying to buy One Direction after Zayn Malik left the band on March 25th 2015. We would like to buy One Direction from Modest Management so the boys Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn have freedom to chose and have possibilities to decide on their own careers.

If the goal isn't reached all the proceeds go to charities that One Direction have supported in the past such as Eden Dora Trust and British Asian trust.

Thank you for your support.

Your Sixth Alliance Team

As of April 3, the effort collected more than $1,500. While $500 million is a lofty goal, we admire fans for wanting the band to have creative freedom.

Huffington Post reports that a 16-year-old named Katie is also trying to buy the band, although her goal is a much lower $87.7 million. On her GoFundMe account, she outlined her plan: "If we get the 87.7 mil, we will contact modest through their business email/ in person and use the buyout clause which is on every Modest! Contract. Hopefully, it works out and we are able to give them what they want."

Like the 6th Alliance, Katie also plans to donate the funds to charity if the goal isn't met. She spoke to HuffPost about the fundraising efforts, saying, "At this point, the funds are slowing. The fandom as a whole has so much potential to raise, but people aren't donating because of skepticism. I think if we work harder we'll make our goal."

We admit that $500 million — or even $87 million — is a lot of cold, hard cash. But is it too much to ask for something great?

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