Just in case you haven't been 'Frozen' to death yet, Disney has just released an entire makeup collection based on the glittering, iridescent color spectrum from the film.

'Frozen' is just the latest entry in Beautifully Disney's makeup line, and it boasts various shades of nail polish, eyeshadow (both in powder and "rollerball" form) and lipstick -- so you, too, can create the perfect ice princess shimmer.

According to Disney Parks, the rollerball eye shadow comes in both gold and silver-toned hues, while the eyeshadow palette features eight different shades, complete with 'Frozen'-esque names like Crystal Snowflake, Powers Unleashed and Follow Your Heart. While we're totally digging the colors, we'd totally just purchase 'em just for the names alone.

Considering the lipstick is one of the most important aspects of getting your Anna or Elsa look down pat, the lip colors are offered in four different shades: pink, mauve, violet -- and for the ultra-daring -- fuchsia. And for the finishing, sparkly touch (on those magical hands of yours, of course), look no further than the array of nail colors, which come in Sparkling Snow, Magnificent Power, Frozen Queen and Miss Royal Pants.

Check out the pictures of Beautifully Disney's 'Frozen' collection below -- and try to head to either Disney World or Disneyland to pick 'em up.

Lipstick, nail polish, and yes, even those rollerball eyeshadows -- we want them all.

Beautifully Disney

True fact: Those sugar cookies look just as good as the Beautifully Disney 'Frozen' eyeshadow palette, which conveniently contains both warm and cool tones.

Beautifully Disney

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