R&B superstar Chris Brown and North Calackie rhymer J. Cole are roving bachelors looking to please the ladies in the bedroom on their rap ballad 'Undercover.' The song is from DJ Drama's third compilation LP 'Third Power,' due in stores on Oct. 11.

On the track, which was produced by V12 the Hitman, Brown promises a prospective lover that satisfaction is guaranteed once he's under the sheets. "I ain't going to lie / I'm fiending cause I need it / And I'm digging you a lot / Now you still catchin' feelings / But I'm feelin on your spot / No kiddin' when I hit it / I be lickin' on your spine, playin' with your mind."

Meanwhile, J. Cole is less aggressive and offers some caressing wordplays of affection to his woman. "Can I get a minute, maybe an hour / Would you let me peak my head in for a second while you shower? / I bet you got some real good power if you feel me / I'm on some Marvin Gaye s---, you know just what's gonna heal me, baby," he raps.

But Brown doesn't let Hollywood Cole outshine him on the mic. Breezy jumps in and spits a couple of arresting rhymes on the third verse. "Excuse me Mrs. Officer, can you go under cover for me?" he asks. "Ain't enough liquor in your cup / I'm trying to get you drunk as f--- / Take her to my crib then I lock her in them handcuffs / Panties off, stupid booty / Ready for war -- Call of Duty."

DJ Drama made the right decision to pair them up for 'Undercover.' We have a feeling the ladies might like the song, and it has the potential to become a radio hit.

Listen to DJ Drama, 'Undercover' Feat. Chris Brown + J. Cole