DJ Khaled is blowing up in the rap industry but no one expect that his tour bus would do the same. The Miami producer had to cancel a scheduled show in Orlando, Fla., on Friday (April 27) after his tour bus blew up on the highway. WTF?

Khaled was the main headliner for the Grad Bash 2012 event, which also featured Pitbull on the bill. Apparently, while heading to the concert, his tour bus caught on fire and eventually exploded on the side of the road. Thankfully, everyone who was on the bus escaped uninjured.

Khaled bought the tour bus in 2011, after years of renting out buses for his tours. The customized vehicle comes equipped with a mini-kitchen, a refrigerator, two bathrooms, six bunk beds, a shower and a master bedroom. Khaled also said that he was going to build a mini-studio inside his bedroom and have designers build wall-to-wall speakers throughout the bus. We don't know if all that equipment on the bus was the cause of the fire.

Despite his tour bus becoming an inferno on wheels, DJ Khaled still continued to promote his upcoming LP 'Kiss the Ring.' "I just lost all my jewelry, all my clothes and a lot of other valuables," he says. "I also just lost my entire bus that blew the f--- up."

"When I tell y'all s--- be real, s--- be real," he continues. "I don't sleep. I make sure my team is good. My family is good. I deal with a lot of s---. So basically, what I'm trying to tell you is, this s--- is stressful. But it ain't gonna stop me from what I'm trying to do. It ain't gonna stop me from climbing the mountaintop."

We are sad to hear that DJ Khaled's bus went up in flames. In the end, the bus is replaceable but his friends are not. So it's good to know that everyone is safe.

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