DJ Khaled released the visuals for his second single, 'It Ain't Over Til' It's Over,' which is another powerhouse song featuring Mary J. Blige, Fabolous and Jadakiss. The track appears on the super-producer's new LP 'We the Best Forever,' which is in stores now.

The video, directed by Dayo, is a simple performance clip of the foursome reciting their lines in a beautiful loft apartment. Fabolous kicks things off as he sits in a chair while a lovely lady shakes her hips in front him. "We the best at making this green / I swear Mountain Dew ain't got nothing on this team," he boasts.

Meanwhile, Ms. Blige is looking very sexy in the video and can do a mean two-step, as well. Go Mary! The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul sings the inspiring lyrics on the track, urging her fans to "make something out of nothing" and to never give up.

Finally, Jada comes through with a supportive rap performance and seals it with a kiss: "J is for the justice I did to the game / A lot of these n----s that's on is lame / A is the way I airs them out / Coupes by the two's I pairs them out / D is for the dope that a n---a still pumpin' / 12-hour shift got the joint still jumpin.'"

Near the end of the video, Khaled, Blige, Fabo and Jada come together in a show of solidarity and raise a glass of champagne to their success. Those final images symbolize DJ Khaled's long-standing motto in life, "We the best."

Watch the DJ Khaled 'It Ain't Over Til' It's Over' Video Feat. Mary J. Blige, Fabolous and Jadakiss