R&B beauty Cassie has returned with a new song, DJ Komori's latest track 'Sound of Love.' Cassie sings on the track by the Japanese DJ, and the song was released exclusively to iTunes Japan on Sept. 21. 'Sound of Love' marks a move away from Casie's roots in hip-hop and R&B and more towards dance pop.

'Sound of Love' features cheerful, bubbly synthesizer and quick-paced 808's, as Cassie sings in a super high pitch about a guy who makes her heart go "bah-dum-bah-bum, bah-dum-bah-bum."

We really tried to like this one, considering it's the first we've heard from Cassie in quite a long time, but the generic sound of the music and the cheesy lyrics just aren't doing it for us. Also, Cassie's extremely breathy falsetto feels out of place, particularly within the chorus.

With that being said, this isn't by any means a terrible song -- it has a sweet, lighthearted message and danceable beat, but it just sounds like something we've heard a million times before. We miss the sexy, sultry Cassie from back in 2006, when the singer released her mega hip-hop-infused R&B hit 'Me & You.' To sum it all up, we know Cassie is capable of way more than this.

Cassie is currently gearing up to release a new album in 2012, and a new single is supposedly going to drop sometime in October.

Listen to DJ Komori, 'Sound of Love' Feat. Cassie