Get your heads out of the gutter. The troubled rapper was captured on another stop in his cleaning spree this weekend when he vacuumed a South Carolina night club.

TMZ snagged a video of DMX at Club Universal in Spartanburg, South Carolina cleaning up shop with the staff.

When the gossip site asked X what the deal was, his response was pretty simple: He's here to help. "Broom, vacuum, mop, whatever ... It's a rewarding experience," X said. "What can I say? I like clean s---- and the supplies were available." Clean s--- seems like an oxymoron, but whatever -- more power to him.

Just last week the Ruff Ryder was spotted mopping at a Waffle House in Greenville, S.C. He told TMZ at the time, "I was in a good mood and felt that I would do that for him since it was 4AM and [the employee] had been working all night."

The 'Party Up' rapper added, "The minute you get too big to mop a floor or wipe a counter, that’s the exact minute you have life f---ed up." Fair enough, though it could be argued that the first time you're eligible for (or violate) probation could be a touchstone, too. This is one habit he should stick with. It's nice to see DMX cleaning up his act.

Watch DMX Vacuum a Night Club