Madonna offers fans a peek at the inner workings -- the DNA -- of her MDNA tour in this behind-the-scenes mini-doc, which runs for about seven minutes in length. Madge pulls back the curtain on the tour's fifth show in Rome, where she admits she is frightened. But just how deep does Madonna let us go?

Not very.

While this largely black and white video is fun and spotlights the people who toil tirelessly on the tour, like the costumers and makeup artists, we saw more when the Material Girl flashed her flesh onstage.

We actually do get a true insider's perspective during a pre-show prayer circle. While holding hands with her team, Madge says, "I feel like my training wheels are getting taken off before I am ready. I'm going to maybe crash a few times." It's a rare vulnerable moment.

The other interesting moments come from rehearsal footage, where we see Madge in her sneakers and baseball cap, playing guitar, the latter of which is always strange site.

Tone & Rich, the choreographers and directors, explain that the pre-tour prep was hard since they were dealing with international dancers from all walks of life with whom they have no previous experience. The makeup artist says that everything is blessed before it begins.

The vid also demonstrates that a Madge tour is a production but that it is also her family. Sure, her staff bestows many a compliment on Madge, referencing her mothering skills.

Before the vid cuts to some live footage, we return to the prayer circle. Madge, in a maternal tone, reminds them why they are there, and that is to sing and to dance, but above all, to channel light and inspire people.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Madonna's MDNA Tour