DMX is in the metaphorical dog house pretty often, but we doubt he ever met anyone there who can move this way. Just when you thought you'd seen everything, you see a chihuahua dancing. Then you see a chihuahua dancing to DMX. Then you see a chihuahua dancing to DMX like this.

There's very little we can say about this clip because we're too mesmerized by it to focus. The clip begins with a chihuahua dancing as soon as he hears DMX's 'Get It on the Floor.' The pup moves not only his back legs and paws, but also his front legs, his front paws and... Lord have mercy, his hips. The dog is dancing salsa.

The dog doesn't stop, though he does occasionally look over his shoulder, perhaps to see if any fine, er, female dogs are scoping out his goods. Towards the end, he sees a woman approaching and gets excited. Like most guys at the club, only a hot girl can distract this pup from the beat.

We're not sure how many takes this little guy needed or how many MilkBones he was promised for making this, but you need to see this.

Watch the Chihuahua Dance to DMX's 'Get It on the Floor'