Lady Gaga has had a number of A-list duets, from Tony Bennett to Beyonce to Elton John -- and she's on several other artists' wish list, including LMFAO and David Guetta. However, there's one country legend who's still dying to work with Mother Monster -- Ms. Dolly Parton!

Last April, Parton gushed about Gaga to the press at the GLAAD Awards when asked about 'Born This Way.'  "I love her,” Parton said. “Maybe we should do something together—GooGoo and Gaga! You know those GooGoo candy bars in Nashville? I could be Lady GooGoo.”

Though the name 'Lady GooGoo' is probably not the best idea, Parton is still itching to sing with Gaga. She told E! Online, "We'd be fun together, don't you think?" Yes, we do! (Just imagine the outfits!) "I think people would love that," she continued.

So does the duo have anything slated? Not yet, according to Parton. "But you know, you just wait. Those kind of things happen when they're supposed to."

Hopefully, it's supposed to happen in time for Gaga's next record. She announced plans to release a new album this year! “I just want to keep writing music and look forward to putting out another album and going on tour," Gaga said of her followup to 'Born This Way.' "At the end of the day, the music is the most important thing. I think about the future, the next record, how I can make the stage more beautiful.”

We think Miley Cyrus' honorary godmother would beautify Gaga's stage perfectly.