Ever heard of Domo? You know, the feisty dancer from the Bronx, who has performed 20+ times in China?

Yeah, never had we, before today.

Domo (no last name needed) performed the Pussy Cat Dolls most famous hit 'Don't Cha' -- full with neck-snapping dance moves resurrected from the '90s. She actually looks a bit like Nicole Scherzinger, but waaaay more attitude and sass. This girl exudes confidence like no other.

Luckily, she pulled out a diva belt in the beginning of her song, which made Cee Lo turn around his chair almost immediately. But he was the only one to turn around and get a full on dance show, if you know what we mean.

And he loved it.

Once the rest of the judges turned around, Domo riled up the crowd, to which Christina Aguilera stated to Cee Lo, "You've got your hands full."

Cee Lo -- after giving Domo that "look" -- explained how excited he was to work with her. He actually thought the song wasn't the best choice for her, but is looking forward to working with her and finding a song that would better suit her voice.

Adam Levine warned Domo, half-serious, "Cee Lo's currently in heat. I would run." This might be a match made in heaven.