Are you still struggling to think of a Halloween costume that will be relevant in 2015 and never again? Did you think about being Pizza Rat, but ultimately decided there'll be far too many of them roaming the streets for your costume to stand out? Do you still feel like incorporating some sort of viral sensation-slash-rodent into your attire for the evening? Look no further than Donut Rat.

Donut Rat is similar to Pizza Rat in that it is a rat scampering across a level of subway floor with a piece of food much larger than its own rotund body. But where Pizza Rat struggled to carry a full slice down some subway steps, Donut Rat glides across the platform -- it balances the weight of its prize with finesse and poise, graceful like a ballerina in its movement, until finding the perfect hiding spot away from prying cameras.

Whether Donut Rat is related to that other furry scavenger who found its way all over a Dunkin Donuts case recently or merely inspired it remains to be seen. Watch Donut Rat's predecessor get its just desserts in the video below.

Speaking of animals and food, did you miss the memo about Bagel Pigeon? It is exactly what it sounds like -- someone took a photo of a pigeon seen wearing a partially eaten bagel around its neck like a life preserver.

If you're not from New York City, do these recent viral videos make you want to take a trip here? Those of you who are residents, do these images add to NYC's character and charm? Or are they indicative of a larger problem we have regarding the endless piles of trash that litter city streets? Let us know via the comments below!

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