Drake has become such an established star in the music community, we'd almost forgotten that he got his start as an actor on shows like 'Degrassi: The Next Generation.' He puts his acting chops to good use playing the straight man in new promos for this weekend's upcoming episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' where he'll be the musical guest while Anna Faris hosts the show. In the clips, 'SNL' funnyman Jason Sudeikis is trying to make a good impression — first on Drake, and then on Anna.

In the first clip, Sudeikis yells at Faris; Drake keeps his cool through Sudeikis' outburst, but starts to crack a smile just as the cameras are cutting away. The second clip has Sudeikis quietly competing with Drake for Faris' affections, a measure which makes Faris visibly uncomfortable. We're giving Drake kudos for holding his own against some of the funniest comics in the industry — maybe we'll even see him in a few skits?

His 'SNL' performance should give us more info about what to expect from Drake's upcoming sophomore record, 'Take Care,' which he recently pushed back to Nov. 15 from its initial release date of Oct. 24; apparently he was running into difficulty with licensing samples for several of the tracks. He also pushed back his Club Paradise tour into the new year — much to the dismay of his fans.

We're crossing our fingers that Drizzy will seize the opportunity to perform his newly released Nicki Minaj collab 'Make Me Proud' on Saturday night for the first time; a banger like that deserves some high-profile promotion!

Watch Drake in New 'SNL' Promo