After weeks of waiting to hear the final cut, Disney star and singer-songwriter Drake Bell has finally released his official single 'Terrific.' The song will be featured on Bell's latest EP 'A Reminder,' which will be available through digital retailers on June 28.

The song kicks off with some fuzzy, repetitive guitar chords that transport us back to the late '90s when bands like Third Eye Blind and the Goo Goo Dolls ruled the airwaves.

The 24-year-old also is clearly influenced by classic rock, as we are getting a 'Strawberry Fields Forever' Beatles vibe from his guitar. However, he also keeps it contemporary by incorporating some electronic elements into the intro.

The slower tempo song has a pretty simple pop-rock beat, but we aren't feeling like this one is that 'Terrific.' Bell's vocals are borderline whining in 'Terrific,' as he ironically sings about a person he knew very well that has changed for the worse, in the sense that they get caught up in trying to be popular and materialism.

"Who are they to stop / When your hands are clapping too / And you believe that / It's an achievement / Scratching them where they have no feeling / You are not yourself here / You are someone else here / Aren't you terrific? / Aren't you terrific now?" Bell sings.

It feels like Bell was shooting for a Beatles-esque, '90s alt rock track with 'Terrific,' but we think he slightly missed his target. We can't get past the griping tone in which Bell sings, and the beat is pretty generic, like we have heard it several times before. With that being said, the song is by no means terrible, just definitely not 'Terrific.'

Listen to Drake Bell, 'Terrific'