Actress Rashida Jones and actor/comedian/ex-'SNL'er Andy Samberg were [inexplicably] on hand to give out the award for Best Hip Hop Video at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards . We're scratching our nose at this too, but at least Jones made up for it by rapping before handing the award over to Drake.

"Sometimes I eat my feelings and I blame them on my therapist," rapped Jones. "I resent my parents for enabling my confidence and never really giving me a chance to be a woman. YOLO!"

After her verse, she and Samberg presented the moonman for Best Hip Hop Video to Drake for his song 'HYFR' featuring Lil Wayne. Drake wasn't alone in accepting the award, though, because he brought up an entire crew that of course included Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and two others.

"l gotta thank Lil Wayne because he did this song and we did it together," said Drake. "The video is about being black and Jewish. I went to this house party one time and I ended up getting made fun of. I want to dedicate this award to any kid who has walked home by himself. This is to you. We made it, b----!"

We're going to take a second to talk about how Lil Wayne walked on stage wearing red headphones bigger than his actual head, and didn't say a word. He's been wearing these headphones all night ... paying no mind to the show. We can't with him.

Watch the Drake 'HYFR' Video