Drake is becoming quite a player in the world of animated entertainment. After signing on to lend his voice to the upcoming film 'Ice Age: Continental Drift,' the rapper is now appearing in an episode of the web series 'The Lebrons.'

The series follows alter egos of basketball star Lebron James. In the episode, the cartoon version of Drake is recognized at a children's fundraising event, but James and others aren't sure it's really him. They challenge him to a freestyle battle to prove he's the real deal.

"Son, you about to get served!," insists an onlooker. But Drake ends up sitting this one out. "We just came out for the kids," he insists, allowing his posse to take part in the battle instead. After the event, Drake signs a few autographs and heads home.

Drake remains busy recording his new album 'Take Care' and released the song 'Dreams Money Can Buy' last week, while Lebron is now one win away from advancing to the NBA Finals for the first time with the Miami Heat.

Watch Episode 7 of 'The Lebrons' Featuring Drake