Chris Brown has some relationship advice. In addition to not beating your girlfriend, he advises how to keep her around. And um, it involves some really direct communication.

Brown was at the Emerson Theatre in Hollywood in the wee hours on Thursday night, Brown grabbed the mic from the DJ and doled out some wisdom to the crowd. It's unclear what prompted the sermon, but in any case, Breezy wanted everyone to know the best way to keep a good woman ... or as he'd put it, a "bad b----."

"You gotta say that one thing to her," Brown instructed. "Don't make me have to tell you again: 'That's my p----, baby! So you better not give it away!'"

Brown added, "So every person in this motherf---ing building, if you got a bad b---- you better say that s--- to her, or she might f--- another n----."

Rihanna, are you hearing this?!

Meanwhile, remember that rant he went on about Drake earlier this week? Turns out, it went down on the same night -- and there's now video of that, too. Enjoy!

Watch Chris Brown Talk About Drake