The Drake and Common diss-a-thon has been relatively quiet. We are awaiting with abated breath for Drizzy to respond to Common's lyrical disses over Rick Ross' 'Stay Schemin'' track. But alas, we are hearing nothing on the rap battlefield. What gives?

Well, the ingenious folks at Ego Trip think something is afoot and believe that a silent truce between the two parties could have happened. In a hilarious video, the crew put together a montage of Drizzy and Com patching things up and becoming best friends behind the backdrop of John Lennon's inspiring ballad 'Imagine.'

Is it possible that Drake and Common are now BFFs? Not likely, but anything is possible. After watching this clip, we can only dream of these two artists sharing a pint of chocolate ice cream together. Guffaw!

Props to Ego Trip for breaking the feud and making us laugh. So what do you think? Is the Drake and Common diss-a-thon truly over?

Watch the 'Imagine' Parody Video Starring Common & Drake