A couple a weeks ago, the Internet was in a tizzy over radio personality DJ Whoo Kid's fake story that Chris Brown elbowed Drake in the face because he was seeing Rihanna. Drake finally addressed the rumor in a recent interview with the Daily Beast.

In the article, the 'Headlines' rapper denies he was in an altercation with Breezy. "I respect Chris Brown," he said. "I'd like to call myself a friend -- I don't know if I'm allowed to do that, but I definitely didn't get elbowed in my face. Somebody would've got knocked the f--- out."

Elsewhere in the interview, the subject of Nicki Minaj comes up. It's no secret that the two Young Money superstars has affection for each other. “If there’s any woman in my life that’s the ideal woman for me, it’s definitely Nicki," Drizzy admits to the Daily Beast. “I like the stripped-down Nicki. I like Nicki with no makeup, black hair, some casual clothes in a recording booth rapping an amazing verse. That's sexy to me."

"I know some great women, but all jokes aside, Nicki is somebody I could spend my life with because I think we understand each other," he adds.

Whoa! With comments like that it's only going to fuel the rumors that Drake and Minaj are hooking up outside of the music game. Oddly enough, the Canadian rap star also cites actress Kat Dennings and Sofia Vergara as his female celebrity crushes.

Drake also feels he has adjusted to his newfound celebrity but admits he's just at the beginning stages of his pop stardom. "I guess fame is a little less surreal,” he says. “I think initially I was turned off by it and reluctant, but now I’m just embracing it. I feel like I’ve learned to ignore the negative stuff around me, and I feel like I can truly find myself in this life. It's crazy, man, but I got a long way to go.”

Drake's 'Take Care' album is in stores now.