Remember the end of 'It's a Wonderful Life,' when poor George Bailey's financial problems are solved with a pile of donations from his neighbors and a $25,000 loan from a friend? Something like that happened at the Cameo Nightclub in Charlotte, N.C. the other night, only with Drake and strippers.

TMZ reports that Drake showed up at the club with "a cardboard box filled with bricks of cash" and proceeded to hand it out to needy orphans. Just kidding! He made it rain. In fact, according to TMZ's sources -- who helpfully supplied a gallery of photos that we must warn you may prompt blackout-inducing facepalms -- he unloaded a whopping $50,000, which "literally carpeted the floor" when all was said and done.

Drake was reportedly aided in his rainmaking by fellow rapper/actor Bleu Davinci, whose screen credits include a role in 'Leprechaun: In the Hood' and who somehow managed to add another $25,000 to the piles and piles of money being thrown around. All in all, it was a wonderful night for strippers who enjoy scrambling around on their hands and knees while stuffing dollar bills into their G-strings. And as for Drake, who once famously name-checked (and dated) a dancer? Maybe he really did find the girl of his dreams at a strip club this time.

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